Cantiere F.lli Marchi ®


Construction of the hull and house

Construction is carried out in fiberglass in accordance with R.I.Na. regulations. All the buildings is done by hand using only materials of the highest quality. The exterior has a gel coat finish. In the cockpit of the stern and on the deck, teak blocks are laid and then coated with a special resin. The internal gaps are filled with black rubber seal; the bridge and fly are finished in a non-slip deck paint. Particular care is taken with internal reinforcements, with the construction of the sills of the back-up motors.

The interior
Built exclusively in plywood in accordance with R.I.Na. requirements.
The interior is finished in ash or whichever other wood is required, and it is all protected by a clear marine varnish. All upholstery, carpets, mats, etc are made with high quality materials. The sofas and moulding have a calf skin covering available in a wide range of colors. Special attention is given to the choice of fittings: we opt for those which have a proven long life. The electricity supply is uprated with respect to the actual amount consumed when it is operated in an attempt to eliminate the possibility of shortcircuiting.

Standard equipment
2x510 HP Sea diesel engines with gearbox, reduction gear and electric 24 volt starting with alternators.
Damping mounting supports on the engines clamps, axis line high tensile steel, Aquament V174, opening in bronze in the hull with water lubrificatedbushing 3-bladed propellers in Mibral, stainless steel rudders on bushin inserts in Teflon, 2 extractors warm air and 2 exhausters in the engines room, sea-water intakes and fresh-water cooling filters for the motors, Raiser and gas outlet pipes in 316 stainless steel, an eletric extractor pump for backfilling oil motors, 3 lamps in the engines' room, a tap for feeding and topping up sweet water in the engines. Engine room covered with sound-proof material, rapid feeling engine cutout from the afterpeak, single cables with control lever on the bridge and fly, 4 stainless steel 2000 lt. fuel tanks with interception valves, electric sight level indicator for fuel, fuel decantation box linked to the engines complete of stop cocks, water gauge on the input pipes in the decantation box.
Electric warm water boiler connected to the heat exchanger, autoclave with tank. W.C. outlet pump with filter, 3500 Watt generator with 200V with noise-proof box and Aquafit; 2 270 Ap./h batteries for the ablutions, 2 200 Amp/h storage batteries for starter motors, 1 145 Amp/H battery for the generator.
A 40 Amp/h rectifier, earth-connection, lt 1200 sweet water tank with electric level indicator, an extinguisher motor with a 1301 Halon cylinder controlled from an external motor. Electric water depletion pump with automatic and manual cutout, 2 electric bilge pumps with automatic and manual switch, filters for bilge and water depletion pumps, 2 manual bilge pumps, flaps on the bridge and fly 2 lamps on the afterpeak, fridges system with external ice-box.

Sailor's cabin
Two stainless steel portholes, one stainless steel manhole, sink with taps, 220/24 Volt roof lamps, manual bilge pump, washdown pump toilet with manual pump, electric outlet shower pump, mirror, soap-tray, toilet-roll holder, mattress and pillow, porthole curtains.

Captain's cabin
Five 220/24 Volt roof lamps, two bedside table lamps, stereo system with loudspeakers, lights in the wardrobes, a mattress, two pillows, porthole curtains two stainless steel oval portholes, safe, bedspread.

Master's bathroom
Pressurized W.C. steel sink with porcelain cover, bidet, hot and cold water tap, adjustable shower nozzle, extractor fan, ventilator, mirrors, soap-tray, toilet-roll holder, 2 roof lamps, 200/24 Volt plugs, folding door, oval porthole and porthole curtains.

Guest's bathroom
Pressurized W.C. porcelain sink, hot and cold water tap, toilet-roll water, one roof lamp, oval porthole, curtains at porthole 220/24 Volt plugs.

Guest's cabin

2 roof lamps, 2 bedside-table, light over wardrobe, 2 pillows, bedspreads, oval porthole, curtain over porthole, mirror. Stereo system.

Leather seats, height adjustable table with possibility of a double bed, 2 roof lights, 1 220 Volt plug.

2 roof lights 200/24 Volt plugs. Stainless steel with 2 sinks, 4 cooking rings, 3 gas and one electric, hot and cold water tap, microwave oven, fridge, 24 Volt freezer. Stainless steel oval-shaped porthole.

8 roof lamps, stereo system with 3-way speakers, 12/24 Volt color television, height-adjustable table, curtains framing the windows, leather sofas.

The bridge
Hydraulic rudder, control lever, engine instrumentation, position of the rudder, electronic log, inbuilt compass, clock, electronic echosounder, V.H.F., automatic pilot, switchgear and pilot lights, control console, control buttons, flaps control, windscreen wiper button, anchor level, electric headlamp control button, horn, 2 windscreen wipers.

Teak ceiling, 2 life-jackets, 2 boettes, 2 buoyant mooring ropes, 2 roof lamps, 2 lights on the steps of the bridge, one stepladder, stainless and davits with ropes and hoist, gangway in aluminum with teak grating, a foldaway stainless steel step into the fly, sun awning on stainless and supports.

The bridge
Teak finish, guardrails in stainless steel piping with parafil stays, 6 stainless steel bollards and fairleads, 1000 Watt pushbotton controlled anchor windlasses, anchor support, 75 meters chain: C.Q.R. or Danforth model anchor, 6 fenders bars complete with rope, anchor light on the guardrail beside the deck-house, vinyl sunbed, 2 tone blinds, winch cover boat hook. Curtains at front and both sides, stainless steel door to stern with tempered glasses.

Second electric rudder, control buttons, compass, position of the rudder, engine instrumentation, visual screen on echo-sounder, control flaps, winch control, second automatic pilot, station, loudspeakers V.H.F., 2 stereo speakers, linked to the system in the lounge with wave change button. Second headlamp control position, horn. Roll-bar support for television and V.H.F. aerials, Radar antenna, if required, roof lamps, on the roll-bar, padded driving-seat. Seatcovers, backrest covers, instrument covers, vinyl sunbed, stainless steel railing, tinted lexan windscreen, fridge, glasses holder.

Standard equipment
50 ml non-corrosive mooring ropes, antifouling, launching in the shipyard. Prime starting oilmotors, diesel oil for test and general inspection, certificate of Conformity issued by the R.I.Na. (Italian Shipping Bureau). A stamped copy of the invoice from the Shipping Bureau or alternatively authorization from the Ministry of Export. The boat builder (boatbuilder) reserves the right to modify the present specifications, when it deems necessary to alter the type of equipment or parts not described in these technical specifications.

The manufacturer will accept responsibility for any fault reported within 12 months from delivery, provided that the fault is not caused by negligence or misuse of the vessel. If that is so, the manufacturer will replace faulty parts. The manufacturer will not be held responsible for any equipment which has its own manufacturer guarantee and therefore does not come under guarantee of the vessel. The cost of traveling expenses and board lodging are born by the shipowner. The boat builders give no guarantee on any change, additions or modifications which are not authorized directly from their own boatyard.

Cantiere F.lli Marchi ®